What is ESDGC?

ESDGC: Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

It is about providing an education which:

arrow promotes a more equitable and sustainable world

arrow improves the quality of life now without damaging it for the future

arrow focuses on economic, social and environmental issues:  issues integral to    day-to-day life

arrow develops skills, knowledge and values

arrow developing and enabling learners to:

      arrow understand issues, concerns and options

      arrow consider the impacts of actions taken: individually and collectively,          locally and globally

      arrow make informed decisions and the right choices for their future

      arrow make changes in their own lives

      arrow take action, individually and collectively

      arrow deal effectively with future world challenges

      arrow become active participants


For Educators it is about:

pointerdeveloping and embedding it:

     arrow across the curriculum

     arrow through all learning materials, qualification routes, vocational areas and         occupations

     arrow throughout all aspects of the organisation: be it a school, college of         further education, university or work-based learning provider.

ESDGC should not be seen as an additional or stand-alone subject: it involves the whole curriculum and impacts on organisational development.

There are seven key themes which are used to demonstrate the breadth of ESDGC:

Identity and culture
The natural environment
Wealth and poverty
Climate change
Consumption and waste
Choices and decisions